Letter to Editor: Being Grateful Every Day

Letter to Editor: Being Grateful Every Day

To the Editor:

The omnipotent invading smell of apple pies and turkey wafts up to your nose as your mouth waters and after waiting hour after hour you finally hear the front door burst open. Laughter and greetings fill the air as family and friends enter the warm cozy hearth of your home from the crisp cold night outside. You rush down to meet them and you are greeted and enveloped into a flurry of loving warm hugs. This is Thanksgiving, the holiday of thanks and one of my most favorite holidays.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday, in which everyone gets together and celebrates the blessings bestowed upon them by God and thanking Him for them. In Islam there is no one single day where we give thanks, instead we are expected to give thanks and be grateful every day. The Holy Quran states, “Then seek sustenance from God, and worship Him, and be grateful to Him. Unto Him will you be brought back” (29:18). Not only are we expected to be grateful to God but to others as well. Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) said, “One who is not grateful to others is not grateful to God.”

This Thanksgiving it is important to keep in mind the true meaning behind the holiday, and remember the importance of gratefulness, not only on this day but on every other day as well.

Khafia Choudhary