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2024 Legislative Agenda: FILING BILLS

State Senators are limited to introducing 21 pieces of legislation this session, so I am hard at work putting the final touches on my package of bills for 2024.

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What's ‘Germinating’ in the General Assembly

As I hinted last week, this week’s column will delve into the environmental legislation that I have “germinating” in drafting.

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Human Rights Everywhere Every Day

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Last Sunday was Human Rights Day and the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights advancing the promise to all of freedom, equality and justice.

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Inside Scoop: Drafting Bills for the 2024 Session

As I write this column, the 2024 General Assembly session begins in just four short weeks!

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Letter from Gaza: Living Nightmare From Which There is No Escape

Residents of Gaza have spent years unable to move freely

Letter from Gaza

Much Remains To Be Done

The good old days were never as good as we sometimes make them out to have been.

Reston Political Scene as 2023 Ends

I cannot believe that we are about to go over the cliff into 2024! To me it seems like we need more of 2023 just to get ready for potentially cataclysmic 2024.

Be Warmer, Healthier and Save Money this Winter

Need help with your heating costs? You may be eligible to receive help through two energy assistance programs that are currently accepting applications.

Footprints on the Sands of Time

Maybe it’s the contemplations of my impending retirement or maybe it is because of the richness of the life I have been privileged to live that I have become more aware of and more impressed by the women and men I meet in my community and in the political arena.

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

There are so many complexities and challenges in the world in which we live that it is important to take some time to reflect on the good things that are going on in our families, communities and the world for which we need to be thankful.

Correcting 2 Points from Veterans Day Article

I write to correct two points from your article on the Veterans Day observance at the Great Falls Freedom Memorial in your November 15-21, 2023 edition.

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Bald Eagles Spotted on Their Nest

The mated pair of Bald Eagles in Great Falls have once again been spotted on their nest on Minnehaha Island, seen from Riverbend Park.



Is the Fix In? Don’t Do It!

On changes to the Single Family Housing code.

On Nov. 1, the contest for the 2024 local Alexandria elections began.

Now Is a Good Time To Vote!

In a time filled with much turmoil, challenges, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it’s easy to get disheartened and wonder if voting is even worth it.